The light of brightest noon

Even the most unhappy of experiences, shall we say, which seem to occur in the Catalyst* of the adept, seen from the viewpoint of the spirit, may, with the discrimination possible in shadow, be worked with until light equaling the light of brightest noon descends upon the adept and positive or service-to-others illumination has occurred. 80.15

*Refers to the seventeenth archetype, the Catalyst of the Spirit.

The poker game

This game can only be won by those who lose their cards in the melting influence of love; can only be won by those who lay their pleasures, their limitations, their all upon the table face up and say inwardly: “All, all of you players, each other-self, whatever your hand, I love you.” This is the game: to know, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open the self in love. 50.7

Love and thanksgiving

Therefore, look you to your love and thanksgiving for each other and join always in fellowship, correcting each broken strand of that affection with patience, comfort, and quietness. 105.22

The crux ansata

We may indicate that the crux ansata is a part of the concept complexes of the archetypical mind: the circle indicating the magic of the spirit; the cross indicating that nature of manifestation which may only be valued by the losing. Thus, the crux ansata is intended to be seen as an image of the eternal in and through manifestation, and beyond manifestation, through the sacrifice and transformation of that which is manifest. 93.24

The heart of white magic

The heart of white magic is the experience of the joy of union with the Creator. This joy will of necessity radiate throughout the life experience of the positive adept. 71.17

Joy and delight

Thus, sexual fusion may be seen, with or without what you may call sexual intercourse, to be the complete melding of the mind, the body, and the spirit in what feels to be a constant orgasm, shall we say, of joy and delight, each in the other’s beingness. 32.10

Tone poem

The mind/body/spirit complex is not a machine. It is rather what you might call a tone poem. 54.8


Your exact sending is, in order to be most potent, the creature of your own making. 78.7


Healing occurs when a mind/body/spirit complex realizes, deep within itself, the Law of One; that is, that there is no disharmony, no imperfection, that all is complete and whole and perfect. 4.20

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